Practical Pistol Competition, with special visit of IPSC/IDPA World Champion Mr. Ljubisa Momcilovi

Posted on Tue, 22 May 2018

NGAO Kenya provides a safe, professionally supervised environment for all registered gun holders in Kenya. Sport shooters can compete with their peers. Our pistol shooting competitions foster a spirit of camaraderie. NGAO Kenya staff members, range officials and other competitors offer advice to help shooters of all skill levels improve in their sport.

This month, 26th May, we will be holding our monthly event thanks to the special invite courtesy of IPSC/IDPA World Champion, Mr. Ljubisa Momcilovi, who will be in the country to participate and compete with our shooters.


Courtesy: IPSC/IDPA World Champion, Mr. Ljubisa Momcilovi
NOTE: To maintain the highest levels of safety, we require all event participants to pre-register. Registration closes 24-hours prior to each event. We cannot permit “walk-in’s” to our competition events.



Kindly send the relevant fee to;

NGAO K Paybill No: 998135

with the account number, being your name.