The National Gun Owners Association , NGAO-Kenya, is a registered independent, non-profit and non-political association of law-abiding licensed firearm holders within the Republic of Kenya. Our primary purpose is to promote legal and responsible use of firearms.

Our mandate extends to offering our members frequent training on safe firearms handling lessons that serve as a core element of preserving public safety. We thus provide quality training for licensed firearm holders in the proper use, handling and safe storage of firearms.We also seek to promote shooting as a sport in the country as we believe Kenya has the necessary abilities to compete in the Olympics, Commonwealth and other such sporting events.

In this regard over the past two years we have partnered with the Kenya Prisons Staff Training College Range Ruiru to organize competitions that bring together civilian firearm holders and members of the disciplined forces – Kenya Defense Forces, Kenya Prisons & Kenya Police ( GSU, CID, PEU).

NGAO Kenya promote legal and responsible use of firearms.  The purpose of our Range is to:

  • Assist members with existing challenges
  • Encourage shooting ranges to become more proactive with best management practices
  • Provide technical support
  • Promote, protect and preserve the shooting range community
  • Provide professional guidance to individuals while in the process of range development

Our outdoor shooting range, located in Kirigiti, Kiambu County was developed to help members train in a conducive environment. We found the location convenient, and also it addressed initial concerns, including;

  1. Increased operating costs
  2. Environmental regulations
  3. Land encroachment
  4. Neighborhood complaints and
  5. Growing litigation concerns

Although many ranges approach these challenges on their own, not going it alone is a much easier and effective way.

We have a team and boost of the best outdoor range professionals who can educate you with best firearm holding and shooting practices. This will help protect your range for generations to come. Being proactive is much better than being reactive. We must face the fact: perception is reality once the spotlight shines on you. NGAO Kenya wants to turn that light off. However, it needs to be a team effort.

NGAO Kenya is on a mission to promote, protect and preserve recreational shooting facilities by providing tools to strengthen ranges. Together, we can change the perception of the shooting range community by improving range management as a whole.

Consulting with successful range owners and other shooting-range consultants will lessen the load. Their experiences will help to steer you in the right direction.

Shooting Range Rules

General Rules

  • Membership required.
  • Paper targets on backboards only.
  • No targets to be placed on framework or posts.
  • Only steel targets provided by NGAO Kenya official may be used on the range, no carry in steel targets allowed.
  • No person handling firearms while others are down range.
  • Always point firearms down range when at firing line.
  • Action open and magazine unloaded whenever anyone is down range.
  • Pickup targets and litter.
  • Hearing & Eye protection is highly recommended.
  • NGAO Kenya is not responsible for accidents, loss, or theft.
  • Anyone not following the above rules will be prosecuted under statute 3.8 of NGAO Kenya Constitution.

Action Pistol

  • No rifle caliber’s.
  • Do Not shoot steel closer than 10 yards.
  • Eye protection required.


Safety is every person’s responsibility. Before your inaugural shot, you are required to receive a brief safety  from our Range Safety Officers. This brief informs you of the uniqueness of our range, the equipment and our range safety rules. Signing a waiver and filing it with NGAO Kenya is standard before use.

Range safety officers and concierge staff are on vigilant to help keep the range safe. If you need or request advice or help with your shooting, concierge staff is here to help. And if you become aware of a safety issue at NGAO Kenya Shooting Range, please contact any Range Officer immediately. The expectation of NGAO Kenya is that all members and guests handle firearms safely and responsibly.

** No hunting allowed on Club property **