NGAO Chairman
From the Chairman's Desk

It s with such delight and insurmountable honor to have you introduced to the National Gun Owners Association, abbreviated NGAO Kenya. We are a registered independent non-profit and non-political association of law abiding firearm holders within the Republic of Kenya.

Being an association mandated to offer our members frequent training on safe handling of firearms, our jurisdiction goes beyond just proficiency of gun holding, into public awareness of firearms and responsible adherence to such.

We have highly qualified trainers and members of staff, and our practices are asymmetrical to international standards. We boast of some of the best shooters in the region and Africa as a whole. As you navigate here on our website, do not hesitate to give us your feedback or offer general, and not limited to specific, en-query. Our able team is always on standby to hear from you.

What an honor!


Anthony Wahome (Chairman, National Gun Owners Association)


The National Gun Owners Association , NGAO-Kenya, is a registered independent, non-profit and non-political association of law-abiding licensed firearm holders within the Republic of Kenya. Our primary purpose is to promote legal and responsible use of firearms.

Our mandate extends to offering our members frequent training on safe firearms handling lessons that serve as a core element of preserving public safety. We thus provide quality training for licensed firearm holders in the proper use, handling and safe storage of firearms.


Tue, 22 May 2018
Practical Pistol Competition, with special visit of IPSC/IDPA World Champion Mr. Ljubisa Momcilovi

NGAO Kenya provides a safe, professionally supervised environment for all registered gun holders in Kenya. Sport shooters can compete with their peers. Our pistol shooting competitions foster a spirit of… Continue Reading


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