The National Gun Owners Association , NGAO-Kenya, is a registered
independent, non-profit and non-political association of law-abiding
licensed firearm holders within the Republic of Kenya. Our primary
purpose is to promote legal and responsible use of firearms.
Our mandate extends to offering our members frequent training on
safe firearms handling lessons that serve as a core element of
preserving public safety.
We thus provide quality training for licensed
firearm holders in the proper use, handling and safe storage of
We also seek to promote shooting as a sport in the country as we
believe Kenya has the necessary abilities to compete in the Olympics,
Commonwealth and other such sporting events. In this regard over
the past two years we have partnered with the Kenya Prisons Staff
Training College Range Ruiru to organize competitions that bring
together civilian firearm holders and members of the disciplined
forces - Kenya Defense Forces, Kenya Prisons & Kenya Police ( GSU, CID,